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Здравствуйте форумчане, подскажите есть ли какой либо быстрый способ посмотреть виртуальные машины с raw mapped lun в датацентре vsphere 5.5 ?


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Помоему через консоль самый простой способ
To list all virtual disks pointing to an RDM device using PowerCLI:
This operation is generally time-consuming, as PowerCLI must iteratively inquire about the disk type of every VMDK file on the remote hosts. Checking locked files adds a few seconds of delay. The device which the RDM points to cannot be determined without a virtual machine attached.
Open the vSphere PowerCLI command-line. For more information, see the vSphere PowerCLI Documentation.
Run the command:
  Get-Datastore | Get-HardDisk -DiskType "RawPhysical","RawVirtual" | Select "Filename","CapacityKB" | fl
Example output:
Filename : [DatastoreName] DirectoryName/virtualrdm.vmdk
CapacityKB : 5760
Note: The mapped device is not exposed, only the existence of the RDM. To determine the target device which it is mapped to, add this virtual disk to a virtual machine or use the console method.


И еще можно используя локальную консоль, подрубившись по ssh к гипервизору
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