copy runinng config с паролем


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Привет, как выгрузить running config на ftp сервер ? Проблема в том что циска не знает логин и пароль от ftp сервера и когда я пытаюсь выгрузить конфиг то получаю ошибку:
router_2#copy running-config ftp
Address or name of remote host []?
Destination filename [router_2-confg]?
Writing router_2-confg
%Error opening (Timed out)

Можно ли выгрузить конфиг если указать явно логин и пароль, как в линуксе например - одной строкой
Use an FTP Server to Backup and Restore a Configuration

In this procedure, an FTP server can be used in place of a TFTP server.

1. At the Router> prompt, issue the enable command, and provide the required password when prompted.

The prompt changes to Router#, which indicates that the router is now in privileged mode.

2. Configure the FTP username and password.

  CE_2#config terminal
        CE_2(config)#ip ftp username cisco
        CE_2(config)#ip ftp password cisco123

3. Copy the configuration to the FTP server.

 CE_2#copy running-config ftp:
        Address or name of remote host []?
        Destination filename [ce_2-confg]? backup_cfg_for_router
        Writing backup_cfg_for_router !
        1030 bytes copied in 3.341 secs (308 bytes/sec)

4. Open the configuration file with a text editor. Search for and remove any line that starts with "AAA".

Note: This step is to remove any security commands that can lock you out of the router.

5. Copy the configuration file from the FTP server to a router in privileged (enable) mode which has a basic configuration.

  Router#copy ftp: running-config
        Address or name of remote host []?
        Source filename [backup_cfg_for_router]?
        Destination filename [running-config]?
        Loading backup_cfg_for_router !
        [OK - 1030/4096 bytes]
        1030 bytes copied in 13.213 secs (78 bytes/sec)
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