Deal emergency Short Code has not been defined


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Привет, в avaya ip office менеджере увидел предупреждение:
Deal emergency Short Code has not been defined
Подскажите что означает и что нужно настроить в АТС. АТС - avaya ip office 500v2


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Значит примерно следующее:
Dials the number specified regardless of any call barring applicable to the user.
On all IP Office systems, regardless of locale, system and or ARS, short codes using the Dial
Emergency feature should be created for any required emergency service numbers. Those short codes
should be useable by all users from all extensions. Those short codes should route the calls to suitable
lines. If the system uses prefixes for external dialing, the dialing of emergency numbers with and without
the prefix should be allowed. Note that the blocking of emergency numbers or the routing of emergency
numbers to a intermediate destination other than the emergency network may be against local and
nation laws.
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