Решено триал лицензия на чекпойнт

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Привет, подскажите на сколько максимум по времени можно выписать временную лицензию для чекпойнта NGFW?


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These demo and trial Endpoint Security licenses are available:

License typeExplanation
Demo LicenseA 15 day demo license is automatically installed with Check Point network security products. This license lets you use Security Gateways, the Security Management Server and all SmartConsole applications.
Trial LicenseA 30 day trial license is automatically installed when you install Endpoint Security. This license lets you use all Endpoint Security Blades for a limited number of endpoint client seats.
EvaluationAn evaluation license is available for specified software blades for a specified number of seats.
ProductYou must purchase a Product license for each Endpoint Security Software Blade running on a client. Licenses can be purchased as a Subscription, a contract that is renewed annually, or a one-time purchase.
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