Client is not authenticaded to vmware inventory


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Привет, прошло обновление vcenter 5.1 до 5.5 по методу simple install. Ошибок не было, все удачно. При входе в веб клиент от имени доменного администратора (MYDOMAIN\administrator) вылезает ошибка Client is not authenticaded to vmware inventory + не работает галка Использовать учетные данные Windows. Вход в веб клиент от имени vcenter\administrator работает нормально. До обновления все работало.


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проверь настройки домена в sso.

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1. Stop all VMare vCenter Server services. For more information, see Stopping, starting, or restarting VMware vCenter Server services (1003895).

Note: Stop all VMware services if you are using View Composer and Site Recovery Manager.

Default Services: VMware Certificate Service, VMware Directory Service, VMware Identity Management Service, VMware Kdc Service, VMware Log Browser, VMware Secure Token Service, VMware vCenter Inventory Service, VMware vCenter Orchestrator Configuration, VMware vCenter Orchestrator Server, VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices, VMware VirtualCenter Server, VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service, VMware vSphere Web Client, Vmware VCMSDS.

2. Reset the Inventory Service database. For more information, see Resetting the VMware vCenter Server 5.x Inventory Service database (2042200).

If you are using vCloud Director with Storage Profiles, do not perform the steps within this article.
vCloud Director relies on the Managed Object ID component which is only contained within the Inventory Service database for use with Storage Profiles. If Storage Profiles do not exist within the vCloud, the vCenter Server 5.1 and the vCenter Server 5.5 environment, then there is no expected affect on vCloud Director. If you reset the Inventory Service database, vCloud Director's connection with vCenter Server goes out of sync and does not have accurate information about managed virtual machines.
Any Storage Profiles that you are using via the vSphere Profile-Driven Storage service are lost when the Inventory Service database is reset.
If the vCenter Server is part of vCenter Server Heartbeat, replication needs to be stopped prior to performing these steps. Also, when running the re-point to the Inventory Service, the Public IP must be used. When it completes, restart the vCenter Server Heartbeat services to restore replication.

3. Log in to the database server for vCenter Server and connect to the vCenter Server database. Make a backup of the database prior to the next step.
4. Run the following query:

5. Start all VMware services that were stopped in Step 1.
6. Register vCenter Server to Inventory Service. For more information, see Re-pointing and re-registering VMware vCenter Server 5.1 / 5.5 and components (2033620).
Log in to vCenter Server with the vSphere web Client.

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