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Ребята привет, кто знает какой пароль по умолчанию в filezilla server ?


Команда форума
In order to change this password, you need to do the following:
Access the server from your local machine (same machine running the server). The password can only be changed from the local machine, so you can’t use a remote machine for this.
Execute “FileZilla Server Interface.exe” from your FileZilla directory. If you are running XAMPP, an alternative for accessing the server is to press the “Admin” button for FileZilla on the XAMPP control panel.
A dialog box pops up titled “Connect to Server?”. Use the following values and press “OK”:
Server Address =
Port = 14147 (or if you have configured a different port, use that)
Administration Password = (use an empty box for your first access, otherwise use the password that you previously assigned)
Make sure you have really connected. You should see “Logged on” in the FileZilla server window if you really logged on. If you didn’t log on, it will keep trying. If you have not successfully logged on, fix it before moving on to the next step.
Change the password using the menus:
Click Edit->Settings
In the left panel, select “Admin Interface Settings”
Check the box labeled “Change admin password:”
Enter in the new password in the “New:” and “Retype new:” edit boxes.
Click OK
In the log window, you should see:

Sending settings, please wait... Done sending settings.
Close the server administartion program.
(Optional)Start and restart the server. I’m not sure if it is necessary, but it doesn’t hurt.
Test that you can access the server with your new password.
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