Permission denied (publickey)


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Добрый день! Есть линуксовый сервер с которого я пытаюсь подключиться по ssh к другому. Получаю ошибку:
[root@server~]# ssh remoteserver
Permission denied (publickey)

Кто знает что это и с какой стороны лечить
  1. Generate your key.

  2. Configure ssh to use the key.
    vim ~/.ssh/config

    Your config file should have something similar to the following:
    Hostname ip-or-domain-of-server
    PubKeyAuthentication yes
    IdentityFile ./path/to/key

    You can add IdentitiesOnly yes to ensure ssh uses the specified IdentityFile and no other keyfiles during authentication. Setting IdentitiesOnly prevents failed authentications from occurring, when ssh would otherwise attempt to login with multiple keys. Setting this is also considered more secure, as you're not leaking information about other keys you have installed, and maintaining separation of your keys between different levels of access.
  3. Copy your key to your server.
    ssh-copy-id -i /path/to/ SERVERNAME

    For example, ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ -p 22 user@
  1. use "-vvv" option
  2. Make sure the server has your PUBLIC key (.pub).
  3. Make sure your IdentiyFile points to your PRIVATE key.
  4. Make sure your .ssh directory has 700 and the files within are 600 permissions.
    • ssh-keygen will create files and directories for you with the proper permissions
  5. tail -f /var/log/auth.log (on the server) and monitor errors when you attempt to login
  6. If you have many key files, try IdentitiesOnly yes to limit the authentication to use the single, specified key.
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