Не решено ошибка приложения oracle

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Добрый день! Не открывается программа - клиент, при запуске появляется ошибка:
ORA-12203:TNS не в состоянии установить связь с адресатом.
Подскажите это ошибка сервера или клиента? Что можно проверить ?


Сервер пингуется и жив ? Какая версия oracle используется на сервере ? Есть ли еще какие либо ошибки ?


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ORA-12203 TNS unable to connect to destination

The following error occurs when trying to connect to an Oracle database: DMS-E-GENERAL, A general exception has occurred during operation 'attach database' ORA-12203 TNS unable to connect to destination OR DMS-E-GENERAL , a general exception has occurred during operation 'attach database' ORA-12203 error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12203 ORA-12545 - TNS name lookup failure Fatal OSN connect error 12203
Resolving The Problem
This message indicates that the client is not able to find the desired database. This error often is reported because the destination node is not available or because of unrelated network problems.

1. Make sure that NetTest or SQLPlus is able to make a connection successfully.

2. Ensure that the correct connect string is being used - check this in the TNSNAMES.ora file. Look at the TNSNAMES.ORA file to see that the ADDRESS parameters in the connect descriptor for the service name are correct.

3. Confirm that a ping from the DOS prompt has the correct IP address. If the tnsping does not find the host then there is a problem with the TNSNAMES.ORA file E.G: wrong location or incorrect name in the connection. Please contact your Oracle DBA.

In the Orawin95\bin there is an EXE called TNSPING.EXE to us this at the DOS prompt type.
tnsping <TNSNAME>

TNSNAME being the name used in the connection to Oracle.

The results should look something like below.

TNS Ping Utility for 32-bit Windows Version - Production on 09-Jun-99 11:59:41
Copyright, 1996 <c> Oracle Corporation 1995. All rights reserved
Attempting to contact <Address = < Community = tcp.world><Protocol = tcp><host = Tempest><port = 1521>
OK <340 msec>

4. Make sure that a 32 bit version of SQL*Net.

5. If using a version of Impromptu prior to 3.04(66) make sure that the Oracle 7.0 support files have been installed.

6. If using Impromptu version 3.04(66) or later check the COGDMOR.INI file and change "Default Win16=" to OR71.

7. Make sure that the path to \orawin\bin is in the PATH in the autoexec.bat file.

8. Make sure the TNSNAMES.ora file is in the \orawin\network\admin directory.

9. Make sure that the hosts file contains a host name and IP address that corresponds with the host specified in the TNSNAMES.ora file.

10. Use the ListenerControl Utility to verify that the listener on the remote node is up and listening. If it is not, use the Listener Control Utility to start it.

11. Check for multiple copies of the msocklib.dll.

12. There is an alternative to the TNSNAMES.ora file - the Oracle Name Server. Oracle Name Server stores names and network addresses for network services such as databases or Multiprotocol Interchanges, database link definitions and object aliases.
Client applications can then request a database connection with a simple name rather than a lengthy address. This negates the necessity for a tnsnames.ora file. Unfortunately this was not working on Windows NT. On NT a tnsnames.ora file has to be created to get this to work properly.

13. Try reinstalling SQL*Net.

Note: These errors may occur in any application, including Axiant, Axiant 4GL, or PowerPlay, as it is the Oracle configuration that is the cause of the error in most cases. Apply all relevant troubleshooting steps if the error/s occur.

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Нет доступа к серверу к сожалению:confused:. Видимо что то делали на сервере потому как через какое то время заработало. Я думаю проблема вызвана простой недоступностью сервера. Попробую выяснить в чем дело было, отпишусь позднее.
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